Celeriac Gratin- low carb potato substitute

Celeriac Gratin – low carb potato substituteCeleriac

Celeriac gratin is a great, low carb alternative to a potato dauphinoise.
In fact celeriac gratin is my favourite way to eat celeriac and I think I prefer it to it’s potato counterpart.  It tastes really potatoey and not at all like celery.
I use double cream or creme fraiche, whichever I have to hand.  If we have greens such as kale, chard or spinach hanging around in the bottom of the fridge I wash and chop them and toss in with the celeriac for the final half hour of cooking.


Ingredients (serves2)
Half a medium Celeriac
25g Butter
150ml double cream (1.7g carbs)
25g Parmesan, grated

Preheat oven to 200 degrees celeriac
Using a large knife slice off the knobbly outer skin of the celeriac then slice finely into rounds. I hate chopping celeriac so I use the slicing blade attachment on my Magimix which literally processes a whole celeriac in seconds.
Place the celeriac slices in a buttered oven proof dish, season and dot the remaining butter over the surface.
Cook at 200 degrees centigrade for half an hour until soft
Remove from the oven and pour over the double cream and grated parmesan and stir taking care not to break the celeriac pieces
Return to the oven for a further half hour or until the top is bubbling and golden and celiac is soft.

This recipe is great as leftovers for lunch or breakfast the following day too, especially if some greens have been incorporated.  I fry up a couple of slices of chorizo to top it off!

Serve as an accompaniment instead of potatoes


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