Low carb veg

Low carb veg

Low carb veg: FennelLow carb veg: lettucelow carb radish saladceleriac 3

A low carb diet should be low carb not no carb and the carbs should come predominantly from low carb veg.  I try to have at east one portion of low carb veg at every meal (easy to do when you ditch the carby traditional breakfast options of toast and cereal) and breakfast becomes mushroom and eggs or a green protein smoothie.
Fill up on low carb veggies- those with 3g of carbs or less per 100g 

Low carb veg -Eat freely

(Number of Carbs per 100g)

Asparagus 1.4
Aubergine 2.8
Avocado flesh 1.9
Baby sweetcorn 2.7
Bean sprouts 2.5
Broccoli 1.1
Cauliflower 1.9
Celeriac 2.3
Celery 0.9
Chicory  2.8
Courgettes 1.8
Cucumber 1.5
Green pepper 2.6
Fennel 1.8
Kale 1.4
Leeks 2.9
Lettuce 1.7
Mushrooms 0.4
Okra 3
Pumpkin 2.2
Radish 1.9
Rocket 1.7
Runner beans 2.3
Spinach 0.8
Swede 2.3
Tomato 3.1
Turnip 2
Watercress 0.4

Low-ish carb veg- eat in moderation
Brussels sprouts 3.5
Butternut squash 7.5
Cabbage 5
Carrots 6
French beans 4.7
Ginger (peeled) 7.2
Mangetout 3.3
Onions 7.9
Red cabbage 3.7
Yellow/Orange/red pepper 6.4
Shallots 3.3

Off the menu
Sweet potatoes

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